Another blog on new years resolutions.

Look, guys, I know I’m being amazingly original in writing a blog about my new years resolutions but try not to pee your pretty little Lick panties – there’s probably at least one similar post out there, right?

Yeah, I know, resolutions are made to be broken but this year I really do have a good feeling about the promises I’ve made to myself. I don’t know what it is but over the past few months I’ve been feeling pretty empowered about life so if I’m ever going to achieve my goals, I’m guessing the time is now. And even if I don’t stick to all of the below, at least if I stick to one then I’ve made 2014 a better year than the previous snoozefest.

1. Commit to Culture Sundays, even if plagued by a hangover. When you enter the cash-cushioned world of full-time employment it’s suddenly extremely easy to see how people become boring. You work all week, go for drinks at the weekend and spend Sunday doing chores. Before you know it, you haven’t been to a museum since you were a student and your brain stops asking for culture fodder.  That’s  why this year I’m going on a weekly visit to a cultural institution, even if I really can’t be arsed. Interesting people do interesting things.

Culture Sunday #1: Saw this dead Roman guy in a museum. They found him in a well. Grim.

Culture Sunday #1: Saw this dead Roman guy in a museum. They found him in a well. Grim.

2. Visit a different city every 8 weeks. I’m trying to be realistic about this so as much as I’d love to make it a monthly ritual, I don’t want my resolution marred by an angry phone bill. One trip every 8 weeks is achievable. I have friends scattered across the country, from Brighton to Edinburgh, and this year I intend to visit them all.

3. Go on a fucking holiday. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been abroad? Five fucking years! That’s ridiculous. In 2014 I’m buying a tiny pair of Aussiebums and getting that shit all over Instagram when I finally set sail for sunnier climes. Summer 2014, come at me.

4. Appreciate everyday food and be grateful for it. Since I started the 9-5 I have really neglected my culinary skills and I’ve forgotten to actually taste the food in my mouth – I just shovel it in like a crazed Jack Russell. We may only be 5 days into January but this has already proved a great resolution. Setting aside the time to cook not only gives me ample opportunity to practice my bum-wiggling to Lady Bey, it also means I’m maintaining a healthier diet. I’ve also been eating my meals in silence, which is a great way to give myself some time for reflection.

5. Increase the intensity of my workouts. So far my workout routine has been going reasonably well and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been proud of my progress, but I can give more so I’ve decided in 2014 I’m bulking more than toning. I’ll be The Incredible Hulk by June… or something mildly similar.

And that’s it, folks. Nothing crazy, no ridiculous targets – just achievable life goals. Oh, and I’m supposedly not drinking for the whole of January, but, well… it’d be boring to stick to all of my resolutions, no?


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